All or nothing? Never!

I have been taking time every Sunday to write down my workout schedule for the week.  Between my full time job, boyfriend and social commitments I find that having a written workout plan is necessary; it really helps me fit in my workouts and not let me get too distracted.  Also, I just love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with checking something off a to-do list!

That being said, I’m finding that just as it is necessary for me to create a list and try to stick to it, it’s okay to make modifications here and there. Take yesterday for instance, I was planning on fitting in a lunch time yoga class with my favorite instructor. Work stuff came up that couldn’t be ignored for an hour, and honestly it would have stressed me out trying to squeeze it in (which would completely counteract many of the benefits of the yoga class, duh!)

At first I was upset and almost decided just to go straight home and skip the workout. Instead, I got motivated and wrote down the following fitness plan:

Treadmill Interval run (20 min)

-Warm up (5 min)

-Alternate sprinting for one min (8.0-9.0 on the treadmill) and running at comfortable pace for 1.5 min (6.8 on the treadmill)

-Cool down (3 min)

Weight training 10 reps, 3 sets of each exercise

-Bench Press

-Bench dips

-Weighted crunches on decline bench

-Upright row with barbell

-Stretch, steam and shower!

I felt fantastic after this! My muscles felt sore and toned, my endorphins were flowing and 15 minutes in the eucalyptus steam totally made up for the missed savasana. If I hadn’t had worked out, I would have been disappointed about missing yoga all day instead of feeling like a million bucks.
The moral of the story: All or something is way better than all or nothing. Make your weekly workout to-do list, and stick to it as much as possible, but when things don’t go as planned, feel free to be flexible with your schedule as well as your body and substitute a yoga class with a weight training session if need be 🙂


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