Nervous about moving to a a new country? Just breathe!

Fact:I’m moving to Costa Rica on January 6th. I grew up in a small coastal town just north of Boston (Rockport, MA) and have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. Needless to say, a move from New England to Central America is going to be a drastic change!

No, I am NOT moving to Costa Rica to surf (though I’m excited to try it!). My boyfriend Ross and I were accepted into a WorldTeach yearlong program. We are volunteering through them and working with the Costa Rican Ministry of Education who has placed us in a Bilingual School in La Fortuna. There we will be working with Primary school students (Kinder-6th grade) teaching English and Science in English.

Yes, I am nervous and scared and excited and overwhelmed and anxious and ahhhh! My Espanol is only at about a beginner’s level (I’ve taken some classes but never, ever practice it) and I have never lived with a host family or even formally taught before. I am completely throwing myself into something new and unknown. I am very happy to be doing this with Ross and getting to share this experience with someone I love. We have both always wanted to volunteer and live abroad, and now we are actually doing it!

So, this big life change is my lame excuse at failing at blogging (yet again). BUT the more I think about it, I need to get over myself and my excuses and get blogging! This is probably one of the most important times in my life to blog. It serves as a journal in the way that it allows me to jot down and release all my thoughts, feelings, emotions (virtual therapy!), it also will help my friends and family keep up with me while I’m gone (because I’ve heard the cellphone service in third world countries is really lacking these days J) and hopefully it will inspire others hoping to travel abroad, volunteer somewhere or just fulfill a big life dream (despite the obvious uncertainty and difficulties that come with it)

For now, I’m doing tons of yoga to keep my mind and body clear during this transitional time. I’ve been taking yoga classes at Exhale Boston and North End Yoga and LOVING them. Exhale has a great 7 day trial deal. Only $40 for a week of UNLIMITED classes (I’m trying their Core Fusion tomorrow for the first time and I. Can’t. Wait.)

Oh, and about that happy healthy stuff, I’m looking at Costa Rica as a new challenge for that! While I’m looking forward to the fresh fruit and delicious coffee, I’ve heard the main Tico diet of Gallo Pinto is way high in starch and rice and seriously lacking in the vegetable department. They also tend to fry a lot of their food… Perhaps I can also teach health and nutrition in English there in my spare time?



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  1. WOW! Costa Rica??? That is awesome! I am sure it’ll throw you way out of your comfort zone but you will learn a TON about yourself, about a new culture, it’ll be amazing! Still so funny that you grew up in Rockport and I grew up in Gloucester. Smalllll world. PS. Have you taken the core fusion classes at exhale too? I still have a few left in a ten-pack I bought from Rue La La and need to get back to it. Maybe we’ll do a blogger meet-up there sometime!

    • Thank you so much for the comments, it’s so great to hear feedback from other like-minded bloggers (and fellow Cape Anners at that) ! I’ve been doing yoga at Exhale and trying my first Core Fusion class there tonight. Rachel (@HealthyChicks) and I are planning to do a class there together, maybe next week, you should join us!!!!

      I just started reading your blog, and I love it!!!! I too have the goal of competing in a triathlon some day, but just the thought of the swim scares me! I have friends that do the free tri’s in Nahant Thursday nights and love it. It’s only a summer thing, but might be worth checking out Nahant Triathlon and Other Training Resources PDF Print E-mail

      Nahant Triathlon

      Every Thursday night from June-August there is a weekly “mini” triathlon on Thursday nights in Nahant. All the triathletes congregate at Tides Restaurant at about 6pm for a 6:30pm start time. NSTT is very well represented every week so come join us if you can. Distances are: .25m swim, 5.6m bike, 2.9m run. Cost is: FREE!!! This is low key – everyone is there to have fun.

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