Leaving “Home”

While I’m always a sucker for holidays, I’m feeling extra-sentimental this holiday season, knowing that I will be moving away from Boston, my family and friends and everything I have known and grown comfortable with for the past 27 years!

I’m making ample time for things like tree lightings (the Faneuil Hall one was this past weekend, and there are lots more to come!) baking, lighting holiday scented candles, putting up the xmas lights in my own apartment, drinking hot cocoa and apple cider, spending time with loved ones, etc.

One Confession: I’m having a really difficult time leaving the apartment. During college and after I always felt unsettled, I had apartments and roommates in several different areas in and around Boston (Charlestown, Cambridge, Brighton) and “home” was always my parent’s house in Rockport, everywhere else was just a place to live. That changed when Ross and I moved into our North End apartment and this September,and  just 3 short months ago I found a new “home”. It is close enough to walk to everything downtown Boston has to offer, yet it is off the beaten path enough that we don’t have to deal with crowds and tourists 24/7 (I have not yet seen the line to Mike’s Pastry’s extend down our street, although it wouldn’t surprise me). It always smells like pastries and pizza, there is a yoga studio 2 minutes away and I can walk or run to work. The apartment is a spacious 1 bedroom on the 3rd floor with a huge kitchen and a teeny-tiny bathroom that I have grown to love.

It’s hard to give up the comfort and loveliness of our new “home”, especially after having it for such a short time! We have found someone to sublet and hopefully we will be able to move back into this apartment in a year, if we do indeed move back to Boston (which is the plan for now, but who knows what changes a year in Costa Rica will bring!)

Whatever “home” is and this feeling that comes with it, I’m hoping that Ross and I will be able to find it in Costa Rica over the next year instead of just finding a place to live. The plan right now has us living with a host family in La Fortuna who has a detached bedroom and bathroom that the field director tells us will be perfect for a couple like us.

They say that home is where your heart is, and although I am planning on bringing that with me to Costa Rica I also know that this January I will be leaving a little piece of my heart in our North End apartment.



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  1. Wow. I can’t even imagine the range of emotions you’re feeling as you get ready to move! How crazy!! But it sounds like the set-up in Costa Rica will be great and you’ll adjust nicely. If you made your apt in the North End “home” in three months, imagine how you’ll feel in Costa Rica after three months! 🙂

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