I digress.

Since I’ve gotten a few remarks (specifically from my boyfriend- when did he start reading blogs anyway?!?!) regarding the negative energy emanating from my last blog post, I thought I would write another, happier post

I meant for the last blog to be more of a written detox than a friend bashing memoir.   Despite my digression into the negative, my post was meant to be more of a celebration of the people in my life who mean so much to me. It’s easy to take friends and family for granted when you can see and talk to them whenever you want, and I want to make sure they know how insanely important they are to me and how much I am going to miss them over the next year. So for everyone who is reading this and who are lucky enough to be amongst friends, family and loved ones for the next year- make sure not to take it for granted and add that to you list of resolutions!

Today is my last day in the office before we leave on our big adventure. It’s been a very slow, uneventful last week which is probably a really good thing. My replacement is a quick learner, and really didn’t even need me for the whole week (although I’m happy to be here for support!) I am definitely leaving the place in good hands with her!

Hard at work on my LAST DAY!



I’m going to do an easy workout now (still feeling sick, along with almost everyone else I know) and then enjoy a steam- these are perks I am going to miss so much about working in a health club !!!


Toxic Friendships

I have really started thinking about what is important in my life lately; moving to another country for a year with only one suitcase worth of stuff will do that to you. This of course has led me to think a lot about the people in my life that I can’t pack up and take with me (who are, of course, all more important than the stuff in my life).



I am so insanely thankful for the family and friends I have who have stuck by my side time and time again, and who support me when I do crazy things like sign-up to move to a third world country for a year. No matter how often I cry or fight with these people, or let life get in the way of seeing or talking to them often enough, when I do it just makes the world seem like a better place, and it is, at least MY world is, because of them.

It also has me thinking about some people who maybe aren’t as good friends as I thought, and as I said before, moving to another country can put things like this into perspective too. Don’t get me wrong, most people in my life are completely wonderful, but I do feel like I’ve let a few in who are less than stellar. This I will refer to as the toxic friendship. I had more than a few of these in High School, and felt I’d learned enough to avoid it. Yet, I’m coming to realize there are some toxic people out there who sneak into your life one way or another and you don’t realize what they are truly like until you have already let them in.

I am renown for being over-sensitive at times, and also can be accused of being too nice all the time. I think it is because of this I feel badly cutting these people out of my life. But you know what? This move makes me realize that keeping them in only takes away time from the quality people who really deserve it. Sure, they want to act like friends and play nice when it’s convenient for them and they’re in the mood, but for the most part they are way too insecure, jealous and self-centered to commit to anything that involves give and take, particularly any kind of real friendship. In fact I’d feel bad for them, because along with missing out on real friendships, I’ll doubt they’ll ever find real happiness.

Toxic Friendships: Goodbye and Good Riddance!

First Day of Winter

I’m SO sick of being sick, and it’s only been a couple of days. Isn’t funny how often we take our health for granted most days, and then just one day of feeling like complete !@#$ can make you  vow to never, ever, neglect your good health again…

I feel like I don’t have TIME to be sick (but really, who does?) I called out of work and slept about 20 hours yesterday… do you know how much I normally get done in 20 hours?!?! I still need to start Christmas shopping (yes, start, I said it) finish up my training manual and wrap up things at work (since 12/31 is officially my last day working), move out of my apartment and pack for a year in Central America (deep breath inserted here).

I do blame myself for being sick though, I haven’t been putting enough time into resting; Not sleeping necessarily but just resting. You know that hour or so a day where you can paint your nails, or have a meal that is not wolfed down in front of a computer, or take a long shower (I mean long enough to rinse all the conditioner out of your hair), or finish that book you keep picking up and putting back down.

I ran a 5K Sunday knowing I wasn’t feeling well and perhaps ran a little faster than I should of (but yea for the 7:51 pace!)

Us after the race..beer was a bad decision.


It probably wasn’t the best idea pushing it so much when I haven’t been good about training,  I have also let my workouts fall by the wayside. Although exercise is certainly not what I consider resting, it does facilitate rest for me. I feel so much more content sitting down to watch a move or read a good book AFTER a long run, a sweaty hot yoga class, or just a killer strength training session. I am so much more likely to take my daily needed rest time if I get in my daily needed exercise.

I trudged through the snow this morning (I actually loved the walk in the first snowfall in Boston, it was so beautiful!) and came into work today (bundled up in my Winter Grip North face boots and many, many layers- thank goodness I work in a health club and sweatshirts and comfy pants are okay) and even though it hasn’t been a productive day by any means I’m glad I got myself up and out of bed. I’m going to reward myself by working out and then taking much needed rest (after doing some much needed Christmas shopping, oh and spending that REI Giftcard from Mom and Dad, I need some serious hiking boots to bring with me to Costa Rica). Knowing that I’m not running at 100% capacity right now (more like 35%) I’ll keep the workout light and easy (and maybe even indulge myself in a steam after).

Does anyone else find that working out regularly helps you keep the balance in your life AND your immune system?

Universal Karma

I will be taking my 5th yoga class (in 6 days!) at Prana Yoga tonight. I have really been digging the heated Vinyasa style, and after each class I feel strong and detoxed. First I have to make it through the day at work though! Just kidding, work isn’t so bad. In fact as I sit here at my desk in a comfy sweater drinking a Starbucks Christmas coffee, writing this blog and listening to Pandora on my headphones, I’m thinking how much I am going to miss this routine in my life. I definitely have my days where I want to be anywhere but at work or doing anything than dealing with work, but it really does help keep me sane (oh, yeah and financially stable). Otherwise, I’d probably be broke and home packing and unpacking and freaking out about my yearlong move to Costa Rica in less than a month. I am going to work right through the holidays and have December 31st be my last official workday. Then I’m off!

One thing I’ve wanted to share on here is my experience thus far with volunteering. Per WorldTeach recommendations to gain ESL experience while still in the states I have been observing adult evening classes and participating in one-on-one tutoring with the students in Level 1 and Level 5 classes. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this has been! Volunteering my time and helping others has always been something I’ve been interested in, but when it came down to committing I always let my busy schedule get in the way. Now that I HAD to fit it in, I can’t believe I didn’t make time for this before. Once you start doing things that make you feel good while doing good (whether it’s for you, others, or the universe in general), it’s amazing how everything falls into place. I am honestly so excited to spend the next year of my life helping children in Costa Rica.


Do you have any distractions or time wasting habits that you want to change in your day to day routine? Try replacing them with something more fulfilling and see what happens. When you are focused, content and happy there really is nothing you can’t do.