Universal Karma

I will be taking my 5th yoga class (in 6 days!) at Prana Yoga tonight. I have really been digging the heated Vinyasa style, and after each class I feel strong and detoxed. First I have to make it through the day at work though! Just kidding, work isn’t so bad. In fact as I sit here at my desk in a comfy sweater drinking a Starbucks Christmas coffee, writing this blog and listening to Pandora on my headphones, I’m thinking how much I am going to miss this routine in my life. I definitely have my days where I want to be anywhere but at work or doing anything than dealing with work, but it really does help keep me sane (oh, yeah and financially stable). Otherwise, I’d probably be broke and home packing and unpacking and freaking out about my yearlong move to Costa Rica in less than a month. I am going to work right through the holidays and have December 31st be my last official workday. Then I’m off!

One thing I’ve wanted to share on here is my experience thus far with volunteering. Per WorldTeach recommendations to gain ESL experience while still in the states I have been observing adult evening classes and participating in one-on-one tutoring with the students in Level 1 and Level 5 classes. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this has been! Volunteering my time and helping others has always been something I’ve been interested in, but when it came down to committing I always let my busy schedule get in the way. Now that I HAD to fit it in, I can’t believe I didn’t make time for this before. Once you start doing things that make you feel good while doing good (whether it’s for you, others, or the universe in general), it’s amazing how everything falls into place. I am honestly so excited to spend the next year of my life helping children in Costa Rica.


Do you have any distractions or time wasting habits that you want to change in your day to day routine? Try replacing them with something more fulfilling and see what happens. When you are focused, content and happy there really is nothing you can’t do.


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