I digress.

Since I’ve gotten a few remarks (specifically from my boyfriend- when did he start reading blogs anyway?!?!) regarding the negative energy emanating from my last blog post, I thought I would write another, happier post

I meant for the last blog to be more of a written detox than a friend bashing memoir.   Despite my digression into the negative, my post was meant to be more of a celebration of the people in my life who mean so much to me. It’s easy to take friends and family for granted when you can see and talk to them whenever you want, and I want to make sure they know how insanely important they are to me and how much I am going to miss them over the next year. So for everyone who is reading this and who are lucky enough to be amongst friends, family and loved ones for the next year- make sure not to take it for granted and add that to you list of resolutions!

Today is my last day in the office before we leave on our big adventure. It’s been a very slow, uneventful last week which is probably a really good thing. My replacement is a quick learner, and really didn’t even need me for the whole week (although I’m happy to be here for support!) I am definitely leaving the place in good hands with her!

Hard at work on my LAST DAY!



I’m going to do an easy workout now (still feeling sick, along with almost everyone else I know) and then enjoy a steam- these are perks I am going to miss so much about working in a health club !!!


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