Chocolate empanadas are really, really good.

I’m loving that so many people are following the blog, thank you for all your comments! We haven’t had much free time (or any at all) to reach out to everyone individually, so please know it’s so great to hear from you. Also know,  due to popular demand, I will force Ross to write at least a few guest posts on here.

Last night we went to another volunteer’s host family’s fiesta; Costa Ricans certainly know how to fiesta! There were about 40 people there, and there was tons of food, drinks. We did a cheers (salut) with some sort of yummy local beverage, it reminded me of rice pudding in liquid form, milky, creamy, cinnamony, rummy and delicious. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were actually rice in it, since there is rice in absolutely everything here. Since I’m just getting over some tummy trouble, I could only take a sip and eat the rice but it was perfect! The host mom also made a HUGE cake (more than enough for all 40 people) that said “Bienvenidos” so nice! We also had a huge dance  party on the front veranda with about half the population of Orosi.

It’s good we got some dance practice last night, because tonight we have salsa dancing at the Otiac for the volunteers and families, very exciting! We will also get to eat the empanadas we learned to make from scratch today (Queso, Queso y frijoles, y CHOCOLATE EMPANADAS- muy rico!) Ross already hurt one girl’s foot playing futbol the other night, so everybody better watch their toes on the dance floor tonight!

We have one more day this week of Spanish, and practicum, and charlas  and then our whole group is taking a weekend mini-holiday to the Caribbean (Puerto Viajo). I think we are all really looking forward to a little R&R on the beach for a few days. Don’t worry, between the 20 of us we have enough sunblock and bug spray to cover the entire country.

About Practicum: We have been teaching English to the local Orosi children from grades 1-6 all week. It was really scary intimidating at first, especially having no formal teaching experience,  and I have so much more respect for teachers and their lesson planning and the energy they put into their classes everyday. Ross and I have taught both 2nd and 5th graders and we have learned a lot about teaching. In one way I feel a little  overwhelmed knowing that I’ll be doing this in Zeta Trece 5 days a week for 5-7 hours a day, but I know that the more you do it the easier it gets (even the 4th day was so much better than the 1st  )

If there are any teachers out there reading this who have any great advice for two novices, please send it our way! Gracias!


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