La Dulce Vida

This past weekend was incredible, like seriously, just what I needed. I think I may have mentioned this on here briefly, but last week I was sick. Like really, really sick. It lasted about 3 days total, but 24 hours of it may have been the most painful 24 hours of my life. I couldn’t move, eat, drink or sleep. Despite me not doing anything, my body was doing a lot (fever, insane uncontrollable shaking, vomiting, etc. etc.) I am only writing this because I am now feeling great (thank you Cipro and the MGH Dr. who prescribed it for me!) It was a pretty low point and obviously I just wanted to be home and OUT of this country that I was pretty convinced was killing me in a very slow, painful way. I’m very glad I had Ross to help, and pre-filled prescriptions from the states, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have had to made a trip to el hospital in San Jose via BUS (which if you have been on a bus to San Jose, you would know would definitely have killed me in my state). I almost published a blog entitled “Yo estoy ENFERMA“, but decided I should hold off on publishing anything until I had a clearer mind, or at least until I had held in liquids for more than 30 seconds at a time.

I am not only feeling better, but thriving. The really bad 24 hours was last Tuesday, one week from tomorrow. I missed one day of classes and practicum, which isn’t bad considering how serious it was. I made a slow recovery over the rest of the week and made it through classes and all my obligations in Orosi the rest of the week (even Salsa night!)

Then Friday evening we headed to the Puerto Viejo, and everything just got better. There was palm trees, and warm ocean breezes and soft sand and music and dancing and sunshine and drinks and everything you could ask for on a holiday. I NEEDED that, complete relaxation after a really tough week, mentally, emotionally and definitely physically. The two days flew by, but the benefits will last awhile. I have a painful sunburn (regardless of the amount of sunblock I applied, it is January and I am basically on top of the equator here but other than that I feel incredible- and Ross is worse than I am). It was a great bonding experience for the group, to be able to go out and just have fun,fun,fun for the entire weekend.

It also reminded me of how insanely beautiful and diverse this country is. The Province of Limon is sososo different than Orosi, as is La Fortuna. I’m going to try to enjoy and absorb as much as Orosi this next week as possible, because I really don’t know if we’ll be back here this year. So many crazy beautiful places to see, so little time!!!!


I do have to write a bit more about La Fortuna, but I might wait until we get back there (and I’ll have a full 11 months there). I started to get sick there, so I think my memory is not accurate. I do remember loving the house, our host family (especially our host mom!) and the community but I was feeling really bad, unable to remember any Spanish and it was uncharacteristically rainy and cold (we couldn’t even see the Arenal Volcano, and it is literally in our back yard.) One great thing I do remember, Ross and I have our own bedroom AND bathroom. This is a HUGE perk in CR!!!! And another perk:


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