T-3 days

That’s right, we officially leave Orosi, orientation and each other on Sunday. Things at Otiac have definitely been slowing down a bit, although my brain is still on information overdrive from the past 3 weeks. I hope to retain at least 25% of everything I learned here, and to keep my binder and insiders guide with me at all times for the next year.

Today was absolutely gorgeous here, hot and sunny with a lovely breeze (sorry family and friends in New England!) Kai and I just went for a great 4 mile run around the valley,and now I have some time just to relax. I will probably run to the store to get some school materials for the first week (apparently as a primary school teacher you can’t ever have enough contact paper, markers, flash cards, crossword puzzles, images…) and start thinking about my lesson plan for that. It’s a lot to think about, but it’s also very exciting. Maybe I’ll love teaching, maybe I’ll hate it.. Either way I’m going to learn a lot about the profession and myself.

I have been surprisingly LOVING having gallo pinto for breakfast here, they  eat it for all 3 meals, but breakfast might be my favorite . Gallo pinto is a tico spin on the typical arroz con frijoles, basically rice and beans with Costa Rican spices like cilantro, chili and onions and tomatoes thrown in. We had this the other day with scrambled eggs and fresh avocado and it was just incredible! Some days we will also have fresh bananas (not to be confused with plantains which are muy rico fried, but no bueno fresh) and fresh papaya from our backyard. SO much better than my normal bagel 🙂

I could go on and on, but basically I am falling in love with Costa Rican cuisine. I heard that some past volunteers have made cookbooks with recipes and pictures of them and their community making the food. I think I might try to do that as well, perhaps they will make good Christmas gifts for friends and family next year?

In addition to the great food, Orosi has lots of coffee fields here and the cafe is so good. It’s very different here, it doesn’t taste as bitter and strong, but it’s still very flavorful and I find that I don’t even require azucar nor leche in it (though some cinnamon, if available is always welcome). We have cafe con desayano y tres cafecitos todos los dias! Mucho cafe! I’m trying to cut it down a little bit, to avoid acquiring a more serious caffeine addiction during my year here.

You just have to watch out how much you eat here, if you finish your plate your host mom will be sure to feed you more than twice the amount the next time (Ross has certainly be finding this out the hard way)

Enough about food: One thing I’m still really missing here is my yoga. I think I have a better chance of finding somewhere in La Fortuna to do it, but I would love to be able to keep it up everyday. Does anyone have any great advice about how to do yoga on your own? I have been taking classes reguarliy for a few years now, but still don’t feel confident doing it on my own (and don’t feel like I get the same benefits) Are there any great podcasts to download? YouTube videos? Something? I haven’t had a ton of time to do research so if anyone could send links and/or suggestions that would be absolutely wonderful!!!  Feel free to send them here or email them to me at peterson.meganj@gmail.com.


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