First Day of school!

I never would have thought the first day of school would be more intimidating for the teachers than the students, but I felt way more nervous today than any other first day of school experience!

We had to talk into a microphone to 400 people to introduce ourselves, in Spanish at the school assembly this morning (they wanted us to SING- was NOT going to happen! A Dios Mio! The children really made the experience great! Yes, they were over excited for the first day and were running around hopped up on sugar (Costa Rica seems to have a never ending supply of candy, lollipops and soda readily available to children at all times, even in school!) but they were sweet and sooo cute. We started out by introducing ourselves to kinder, where many little students were still sobbing and holding on to their parents not letting them leave.

The older students were all smiles though and I received many hugs and kisses and high-fives. They seemed really excited that Ross and I will be teaching them this year. The 6th grade teacher said all her girls are already in love with Ross, so I guess I have some competition here in Zeta Trece 🙂

I’ve been so overwhelmed with this new gig and not understanding a freaking thing that anyone says that I haven’t been really absorbing or enjoying. It’s only 1pm right now, so I’m planning to go for a nice, slow, long run to see a little bit  of my new home and to think a lot.





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  1. hi meg! i’m living vicariously through what you’re doing via your blog, so keep the posts and pictures coming! it’s amazing! I’m sure some days will be harder than others… i have days at school when I have no idea what’s going on and i speak the same language as the kids/other teachers, haha!! i loved all of the ticos I met in Costa Rica and their EXTREME willingness to help so I am sure you’ll have lots of support if you need it and I am sure once you get into the swing of things you’ll be a pro! thanks for posting… but you’re giving me the travel bug again! not good, haha!

    • Stace,

      Thanks so much for your comments! My Mom told me she ran into you the other week and you gals had a nice chat aoout Costa Rica! You are right on about the Ticos and their helpfulness, our host family and community has been so wonderful so far. Someone told us that there are many “guardian angels here” and I’ve found that to be totally true. They are the type of people who will wake you up on a bus before your bus stop because you’ve fallen asleep and they heard you mention to another person that you were supposed to get off there. It’ s really different, but also really nice in many ways.

      I definitely have a new respect for teachers! What grades are you teaching? If you were ever interested in doing a letter exchange with the students or communicating in some way with a Costa Rican classroom let me know!

      Regarding your travel bug, please feel free to come visit whenever! We’ll be here until December!

  2. Right now I teach Math for grades 1-5… kinda funny since math was never my strong suit. I like being able to work with kids of all different ages throughout the day though so I really like it! Kids in my school actually take Spanish in elementary school so I will talk to the Spanish teacher and she if she wants to do an exchange of letters. That would be cool too because since I work in Essex it is kind of like where you grew up!

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