Yesterday during our run around downtown La Fortuna Ross and I discovered that there are indeed gyms here. We stopped running and toured two of them. I was surprised to find they are equal to or of a nicer quality  than a lot of gyms in the States (CAC excluded of course, no one can beat that ). One even had an outdoor hot tub with views of the volcano, and they are not that expensive! So, now we have no excuse not to keep buff (or get too fat on gallo pinto and empanadas) during this year abroad. After spending so much time working out and working at a health club in the states, it’s funny how being in them instantly makes me feel at home. Our host brother Estevan might join us in our workouts as well!



I think I’ve mentioned a zillion times that our host family is great, and Estevan is no exception. He is in 8th grade, but is really smart and so mature that I forget he’s a lot younger. He is the only sibling still living at home (both our host sisters are older and have their own houses/families) and he is the perfect mix of fun younger brother/really helpful friend. He’s always teasing us about our Spanish (or lack there of) and weird American tendencies, yet he’s always happy to spend 2 hours sitting at the kitchen table with us helping us study (and keeping us full on coffee and snacks the whole time). The whole family is always easy to laugh (usually with us and not at us) and spends most of their time home together talking, having cafecitos or meals, watching movies or TV (there is  a lot of American movies and sitcoms on here, and of course some futbol)! or chasing around 2 year old Etan (el terremoto!).





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