Lo Siento

While I am glad to have access to the internet here in Costa Rica, it also drives me bonkers.  The connection is always terrible and will randomly shut off, usually at the most inopportune times, like mid-important conversation or email. I feel so inefficient when I’m technically working on the computer for 2 hours, but only get about 10 minutes of work or socializing accomplished. For some reason my pictures take a zillion years to upload, and my Twitter account wont open at all. I can deal with having no cellphone, but I hate feeling almost totally cut off. Writing in my blog, reading other peoples blogs, and reading and writing updates on facebook and twitter really help me from feeling homesick and keep me from feeling to disconnected. I’m seriously afraid that everyone is going to forget we exist over this year! So please exuse me if my blogs are not consistent, if I abruptly end conversations with you for no apparent reason or if I’m just not in touch at all. It’s not because I don’t love and miss you dearly, but rather because I finally lost it completely and threw my laptop into the Arenal Volcano 🙂

Yesterday after school Ross, Estevan and I went for a run around Fortuna. I made them stop several times so I could go in and look at the menu of different restaurants (priorities!) Last night for our special Valentines date Ross and I went out to dinner at Don Ruffinos, an upscale restaurant/wine bar here in Fortuna. The wine was great, and the food was incredible! Despite the fancy menu consisting of Escargot, Fillet Mignon and plenty of Seafood, we both opted for the Cheeseburgers with French Fries; it was a perfect choice for these Gringos. I definitely recommend this place if you are out and about in La Fortuna for a special occasion!


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