Agua Caliente

Our host family here in Zeta Trece is in the process of making some major upgrades to their house. The have extended the living room, are installing a new kitchen and have done a lot of work on our room and bathroom, including: new floor tiles, ceiling, paint and door.Our area of the house isn’t totally connected to the main house, and up until a few days ago we didn’t have electricity in our room. This meant in addition to no lights, we also didn’t have hot water in our shower.

Not that long ago, hot water showers were considered a luxury here in Costa Rica. I mean, it costs extra money and it’s pretty hot here, so do you really NEED hot water? My personal answer to this is YES, yes you do. While the cold showers felt great and refreshing after a hot sweaty run, they did not feel so great in the morning and I never felt really clean. This was probably due to the fact that in cold water showers I am only capable of washing one body part at a time, making me much more likely to miss a spot, or an entire half of my body.

This past Sunday, after nearly a week straight of cold water showers, we got electricity and hot water in our room and bathroom. It is glorious! It was also perfect timing, because the past few days have been rainy and colder here (high 60s?) making the cold showers even less appealing if that’s even possible. That first hot shower I took was one of the most amazing feelings, and I couldn’t believe that I had taken so many hot showers in my life without realizing the absolute awesomeness of them.

I urge you to try to take cold showers for a week (but for those of you at home in the North East wait to do this until June or July, I don’t want anyone catching hypothermia for the sake of this experiment). I guarantee that it will help you appreciate the smaller things that you take for granted everyday,like hot water showers, that perfect cup of coffee or clean laundry.

I know this feeling is fleeting, and in a weeks’ time I will probably once again be taking hot water showers for granted. I hope that over the course of this year though, I will learn and retain knowledge from some of the sacrifices I’m making; whether it be appreciating hot water or other privileges of living in los estados unidos (like understanding the language and not speaking like at “semi-literate child” at all times). or getting to spend time with loved ones and having them close by.


Typical Costa Rican shower, AKA "suicide shower" it might electrocute you, but it's still totally worth it! (j/k they are totally safe, they just look scary!)


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