I have a goal for this year in addition to successfully teaching children, becoming fluent in Spanish, and making the world a better place, and that goal is to read a lot of books during my time here. There is no better way to keep learning while also being entertained and giving my mind a break from all the Spanish, since at least most of the books I will be reading will be in English (though as my Spanish improves I may attempt something easy and fun, like reading Twilight or Harry Potter in Spanish.) I have read a few books during our first month here (almost a month and 1/2 at this point!)

The Girl Who Played With Fire: I started this 2nd book in Steig Larsson triology on the plane ride here (in addtion to the Star Magazine and Cosmo also required for long plane rides). It took me much longer than expected for finish this book, and I don’t know if it was just my frame of mind at the time, being distacted settling into a new country and all, but I just couldn’t really get into this one. I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo about a year ago, and remember really enjoying it. This sequel was very similar in it’s violence (perhaps too violent?) and shocking style, but I found myself bored at times and not as involved with the characters. For this reason, I’m glad I didn’t bother buying the expensive hard copy to the 3rd book and having it weigh down my luggage on the way here, though I might purchase it if I see a cheap paperback somewhere.

The Lost Symbol: It’s a Dan Brown book, enough said. Ross picked this up at the Otiac’s book swap in Orosi and we both read it. Almost all hostels have a book swap of sorts, where travelers can donate books they have already read in exchange for someone elses donated books. It really works out well for everyone as traveling with books is necessary, but very inconvenient (hence the wonder of Kindles. We have one here to share, I still prefer books though). It turns out this particular book was donated by another WorldTeach volunteer in our group who had brought the huge hardcopy all the way from England. Like all Dan Brown books, it was an easy, interesting read and as usual his facts are so enlightening that they almost make up for the cheesy story line at times. If you liked the Da Vince Code or Angles and Demons, or if you have any interest in Washington D.C., the FreeMasons or Robert Langdon, you will probably really like this book. f you are a blog/facebook or twitter fanatic you might enjoy the connection made between Noetic Science and Twitter/social media (I know I did!).

The Runner’s book- This book was given to me at our going away party by two very great friends and fellow runners. Like the author of the book, running has been a big part of my life during both good and bad times. Each chapter includes it’s own unique story and inspiration, and so instead of reading this book through from beginning to end I’m savoring it and reading one chapter at a time (and some chapters over and over again many times). This book, along with actually physically running, has already motivated me and helped me through a few difficult times here. Thanks again J & J 🙂

The Motorcycle Diaries- Ross and I both received copies of this book as a present from a wonderful friend and history teacher. Although I just started reading this yesterday, this early diary of “Che” already has me captivated. Of course I’d heard about him and his revolutions, but I wasn’t too familiar with the motorcycle voyage around ‘America’ that stared it all. The first chapter describing his need and want for travel and adventure (and not knowing why) and some of his early experiences traveling around Latin America have really hit home for me. Definitely more updates to come on this one!

Read any good books lately? Tell me about it!

Welcome to our virtual bookclub!


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  1. Hi there,

    I just spent my morning reviewing your blogs. What a journey you are on. send me a quick e-mail or FB message if you can. I’m wondering how your doing and why the visit to the hospital.

    Glad your feeling better

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