Gringo Giants

Today is a sunny, gorgeous day in our little part of the world! We woke up really early this morning, because Ross had his very first Science class with the 4th graders at 7AM! Breakfast at our house is usually served around 7AM, so we might have to buy some cereal or something quick and easy on hand for the really early days because scarfing down Gallo Pinto and eggs at 6:59AM just isn’t working for me, and if we don’t eat I am deliriously hungry, and insanely grumpy, by 9:30AM. Also, I just really kind of miss cereal. I really miss my yogurt and granola I would have every morning but they don’t have Chobani here (or pasteurization?) Costa Rican dairy scares me. Except the ice cream, ice cream never scares me and it is always kept frozen and not left out on counters and shelves for days. Even if it was, I would probably still eat it.

I was observing a 3rd grade English class with one of the Costa Rican teachers, so I wasn’t able to watch Ross in class, but I heard he did great! He only got through 1/2 the material planned he had planned for the 80 min class, but I think that is much better than having too much extra time. It is so important to keep the students attention, because once you lose them it is nearly impossible to get them back on track.

I am really impressed by Ross, he has had almost no experience working with children but he’s doing so well with them. You will also be happy to know he is attempting to start his own blog. He plans to post some pictures he takes with his fancy schmancy camera and write about this experience from his point of view, and if he ever figures out how to get the blog started I think you will be in for a treat!

Welcome to the blog world Ross Donovan!

One thing that is working against Ross here (other than his lack of blogging skills) is his height. Costa Ricans, for the most part, are short. Perhaps it’s the fact that they start drinking coffee out of their baby bottles around the age of 2? Anyway, I feel like a GIANT here, and Ross is even bigger. It kind of works well in the classroom ( I think the students are intimidated a bit) but it makes for a lot of uncomfortable bus rides with your knees up to your chin, not to mention the headaches that come with constantly bonking one’s head.

Ross almost fits through our new door.


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