Namaste, on the front porch!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Today was a great day here. We slept in (until 8:30) had a small breakfast of coffee and pastries and then went for a long run. This was my favorite run here so far, about 5 miles long , it takes us into Fortuna, down the road towards San Ramon, up the access road to Cerro Chato and then back home through Zeta Trece. A lot of trees and cows and horses and mountains and rivers and beautifulness!

Feeling great after the run, I led us in a yoga class on our front porch. We’ve been stretching there and doing some yoga moves the past week, but today was the first day we tried a full hour, full on Vinyasa. I think it went really well and Ross is a great student 🙂

Sure, the neighbors think we’re nuts but we love it.

Right before we left we started doing yoga at Prana in Central Square almost everyday and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give it up here. I DEFINITELY highly recommend that place if you are in the Boston area (they have 3 locations). I recommend even more strongly coming to Costa Rica to do yoga with us!

Have a happy and fun Saturday night- Namaste!


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