Updates and Oscars

Happy Oscar Sunday! One good thing about being stuck in the hospital tonight is the fact that I can actually watch the Oscars in Costa Rica!

Today was day number 3 here, and I’m definitely getting a bit antsy. Due to the fact that it’s Sunday, I didn’t really get anything done medically, no tests results, no talking to Dr.s, no answers I just got my blood pressure and temperature checked 5 hundred million times and gave blood once.

One GREAT thing that happened was a surprise visit from my field director and several WorldTeach friends who were in or around San Jose this weekend. I’ve definitely been missing those girls (and guys, but it’s mostly girls in our program) and it was great to get to see some of their faces. They came bearing books, smiles and a beautiful Lucky Bamboo plant for my room 🙂

Thanks Girls 🙂

One sad thing that happened today was that Ross had to leave San Jose and go back to Fortuna to go to school tomorrow, and let them know I wont be in. I know that I’ve written about how difficult it is to be together all the time, but it’s times like this that make you appreciate how lucky you are to have someone there to help you and be there for you in situation like this. I miss him already :/

Love him!

I do have plenty of entertainment here to keep me busy while I’m alone in the room:

My entertainment

I also have a new “friend” here. This machine has to come with me everywhere I move (Ross is a little jealous). This is a picture of us on one of our walks today:

My new amigo

Okay, that’s the update for now. It’s difficult to be alone here and feel so far away from home, but I’m definitely being taken care of. Now on to a night of watching the Oscars, and enjoying the chocolate Ross smuggled in here for me 🙂


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