Hospital Humor

This morning, as my doctor was walking out of my room after a quick check up he mentioned that he wouldn’t be back in to see me until tomorrow, because he had to attend a funeral this afternoon. A funeral for one of his patients. OMG, TMI! I’m very, very sorry about his loss, but that does not instill a lot of confidence. I mean he could of just mentioned he had to go to a funeral, I wouldn’t have pried.

So now I’m still sitting here convinced I’m going to die feeling much better! Day number 5 in the hospital and I’ve gotten nothing accomplished except for watching insane amounts of television (I’ve definitely made up for the last two months and more), stalking people on facebook and driving my nurses crazy with my strange American tendencies and my refusal to speak Spanish. I brought work with me: lesson planning, TEFL assignments, Spanish workbooks and I’ve managed to do nada. I’ve kind of made up a rule for myself that as long as I have a needle in my arm, I am not responsible for any sort of productivity. My rule doesn’t make any sense, I know, but I’m sticking to it (get it needle, stick…. hospital humor. This is what happens when you are stuck in one for too many days).

I do have some good news to share! Our school was kind enough to let Ross off the rest of the week to come be with me here. The director of our school even called my room this morning. I don’t know if you have every attempted to speak with someone on the phone in a foreign language, but if you have, you will know that it’s not possible. For the first few minutes I thought he was someone from the billing department in the hospital. After I realized who it was I got nervous and just thanked him a lot and got off the phone ASAP. I hope he was saying nice things and not firing me for missing my entire 3rd week of classes.

Ross is on a bus on his way here right now, and I am SO EXCITED! I feel bad subjecting him to hospital life, but I know if the situation were reversed I would want to be here with him too. I have my fingers crossed to bust out tomorrow, definitely by Thursday (I think… we’re on Tico time here people, tranquillo!)

Mabye I'm glad I don't know what they're saying afterall...


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  1. I’m just catching up on you! I’m so sorry you are in the hospital! I really hope you are ok and out of there soon…way to go dr. for freaking you out, right??? Hang in there!

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