Back Swinging!

Back in the swing of things..

I'm back, and yes, my lucky bamboo plant came back to Fortuna with me!

I’m back to teaching! It seems even more exhausting than before, after spending a week on bed rest, but it is good to be here. The students and other teachers have all been wonderful and seem really happy to have me and Ross back (although we’ll see how the students REALLY feel once we start prepping for the first exams at the end of this month!) I feel really behind with the curriculum, but I’m hoping to be productive the next few weeks. If I can just breeze through a couple of body systems in my 5th Grade Science classes, I think we’ll be okay.

Speaking of exhausted I am constantly lately! This week has been really challenging just to wake up at 6AM, never mind waking up and dealing with 30+ first graders (who want to hug you and kiss you and play with your hair and give you stickers, etc. etc.). By the time we are out of school at 2:30pm I am ready for bed. This is why I do not recommend staying in a bed for a week straight unless you are forced to. It sounds great right, a week of rest? Don’t be fooled, it really was anything but restful. Although I was in bed for what may have been the most consecutive time spent in bed in my life, I probably slept the least I’ve ever slept in a week.

And all that running I wanted to do? That was a little overambitious. I think I’m going to have to start building up to that and start out with some slow, short ones and lots of yoga and stretching. It’s really hard to get back into an exercise routine (I feel soo weak!), which is why CONSISTENCY is so important in any exercise regime. The more you work out, the more you WANT to work out. True story.

One more day of school for us this week, and it will probably be a short one due to a big teacher strike throughout the country:

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not:

Maybe the word "Diesel" got lost in translation?

Too much Express?


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