Happy Weekend!

TGIF! It’s true, weekends are awesome no matter where you live. Take last weekend for example, Ross and I had an incredible hike up Cerro Chato here in Fortuna last Sunday. In total, the whole hike took about 8 hours and included a lot of gorgeous scenery of the volcano, the lake on top of the mountain, and lots of fun farm life. It was really neat to get out the main area in Fortuna and see a little bit more of this place we call home:

The other (dangerous) side.

Us at the volcano Observatory. Dear Ross, This time we hiked 10 Km to get here, Next time we are taking showers, a cab and having a drink here. Love, Megan.


Tico lunch on the mountain

Ross celebrated the hike with a "good beer" IE NOT Costa Rican

I celebrated with a fruit smoothie of course. And a sunburn.

Do you have any adventures planned for this weekend?


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