Let’s go!

Teaching Science in English has been quite a challenge thus far, but just when I think things are impossible and that no one is absorbing anything I say at all, one student will shout out a word like “Photosynthesis” and make everything right again.Even better than the photosynthesis from my 5th grader, was the random “Let’s go!” from a 1st grader the other day. First grade is so tough, they are basically still babies learning to speak Spanish, so for the most part I have no idea what they are saying and they have NO CLUE what I am saying in English. They can repeat things, but this causes a problem when I try to have a conversation, for instance

Me: How are you?
Students: How are you?
Me: No, you respond I’m fine thank you
Students: No, you respond I’m fine thank you
Me: Ok, How are you?
Students: Ok, How are you?
Etc, Etc.

Needless to say this is exhausting, and causes me give in and revert to speaking Spanish to them way too often. Well yesterday I was taking them to lunch and I said:

Me: Listos, Vamos todos por almuerzo
Student: Let’s go!

So, she had picked up on me previously saying “Let’s go”, and also the context with which it was used. I will gladly take this as a small success. While my official goal (set by the MEP) for Unit 1 in 1st grade science might be to have all the students memorize and locate most parts of the body, know their own identifying features and proper hygiene I’m honestly going to be happy with the small independent statements like this. Oh and it would also be great if they realized that the “eyesandearsandmouthandnose” part of the Head and Shoulders song was really referencing parts of their face and not just one silly long word thrown in there between the chorus. That would be awesome.


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