Oh, hello, rememeber me?

Wow, it has been impossible to keep up with the outside world lately! School has gotten so crazy with our first exams and everything, and it’s incredible how quickly you get used to not having the internet (or a cellphone, blackberry, television, anything!) These things used to take up so much time in my life at both work and home, how can I possibly be so busy without them?

Well, I am somehow still busy, just living here. It’s funny how quickly the extraordinary becomes ordinary. Life in Costa Rica has quickly become reality, and not some glorified vacation. It’s a pretty good reality though. While I will spare you the minute details of what we have been up to the past month, I’ll share some highlights:

We got a puppy! Yes, our host family surprised us with a teeny-tiny puppy. He’s all ours and will be coming back to the US with us in December. We named him Mango and he is the cutest little perrito in all of Alejuela:

I joined a soccer team with some other female teachers in Zeta Trece. Our team is great! I am not 😦 Thank goodness I have my 1st graders to cheer me on!

Cara (our field director) came to observe our classes last week, she stayed for an extra day and we did some hiking in the Arenal National Park, then another hike to the Arenal Lake, and then a boat ride and lunch on the lake.

Either this tree is huge, or I'm really small.

Ross, on a boat.

I’m getting back into running! Slowly but surely. It’s been hot here, like really really hot in the afternoons. I’ve been trying to fit it in at 5:30 in the morning, and when I can actually get myself up that early before school it feels great!

Mango doesn't run with me, but he does like to drink all my water.

So there has been a lot of work for me and Ross lately, and a lot of sleeping for Mango.

Ross working on the computer, Mango sleeping on Ross.

Three days of school left, and then it’s Semana Santa (our 10 day vacation!) Rest assured there will be some awesome travel updates coming soon.


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  1. “It’s funny how quickly the extraordinary becomes ordinary. Life in Costa Rica has quickly become reality, and not some glorified vacation.”
    I have been trying to explain this to people back at home..life is just…normal now! You’ve put it perfectly though! I want to meet Mango too..how are you guys going to deal with the 2 months of quarantine though..?
    Love the blog!
    xo Steff

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