Fun fact: The word Perezoso in Spanish is both the word for a sloth, and the word you would use to describe a lazy person. Seeing a sloth is one of the reasons many of us signed up for this whole volunteer thing, and I have a dear friend here who can do an incredible impression of a sloth (okay, I’m joking about the first part, but I really do have a friend who does a great sloth impression, it’s quite a talent).

Anyway, a few people have been lucky enough to see these animals, but this does not include Ross and I yet. I was hoping it might happen when we ventured to Manuel Antonio this weekend, but we only had two days there and accidentally had a few too many Guaro Sours at the sunset happy hour and slept in way past the time one usually encounters sloths. We decided to save our National Park visit for the next time we’re in Manuel Antonio, and decided instead to just enjoy the beach and some good times with friends who are living there.

It certainly is a touristy place, but it’s also one of the most gorgeous beach towns, and it has all of the luxuries tourists (especially American tourists) could ask for. So, you can experience a real live jungle paradise and not have to worry about pesky bugs, going to the bathroom in the woods or forfeiting a hot shower like you might have to do in other areas.

Our trip was quick, and I look forward to going back soon. Hopefully next time we’ll be less perezoso ourselves and we’ll be able to see some real live perezosos!!!


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