My Mom is coming to visit, and other good news!

We have the last week of May off of school because the teachers here in Costa Rica are conducting the census. Since this falls almost directly in-between Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday, it seems like the perfect time for a visit from her!!! Plus, it’s been a whole 5 months since I’ve seen my Mom, that might be a record for me.

It sometimes feels like we’ve been gone forever, and knowing we have visitors coming really helps the time fly by and makes me feel not so far away and disconnected. It’s also easy to forget how awesome a place is and take it for granted while you are living there, but when people visit I get all excited for the wonderful things I’ll get to show them in this amazing country! This will also be my Mom’s first time traveling outside of the good old US of A. Yay Mom!

Future world traveler. First stop, Costa Rica!

In other good news, we got Wi-Fi in our house! This will make communication with the outside world MUCH easier. If you have Skype and want to talk (or plan a visit here) let me know. This also means I have no reason not to keep up with this blog of mine…

Now, speaking of the outside world, I have to take Mango out there before he literally chews through my ankle. Why do cute little puppies have such sharp little teeth???


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