Mornings with Mango!

Ross and I are leaving for San Jose (again!) tomorrow, this time for the WorldTeach mid-service meeting on Friday. We will get to see all 20 other volunteers, which will be incredible. All of our experiences here are so different, and I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s and share stories!

It’s pretty insane how close our group became after only 3 weeks together in Orosi, and I really have been missing them. Our site is pretty far north in Costa Rica, and most others are south, so we don’t have the opportunity to visit/receive visitors as often as we would like.

So getting to see them, getting advice on school, getting a FREE place to stay and fancy dinner in San Jose is all amazing. What is not great is having to leave Mango here 😦 He really hates when we go away, and I always feel badly leaving him with our host brother. At just 3 months old, He’s still really a lot of work (Mango, not the host brother). We don’t mind because we love him, but if he wasn’t my dog he would probably drive me crazy at times.

Anyway, I love mornings with Mango and thought I would share some pictures:

Don’t worry we don’t really share a toothbrush. Mango heard a rumor somewhere that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans and he refuses.


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