What do Sam Adams beer and earthquakes have in common?

They both rocked my world this weekend, literally!

First, we got here Thursday for our midservice and our group decided to celebrate and catch up and have a few drinks at the hostel. Well, Ross and I went into a super to buy some beverages for the evening, and just as I was pondering what kind of Costa Rican beer I could force myself to drink that night, this appeared out of nowhere:

It was my first time having a good Boston beer in over 4 months, and it was incredible. It reminded me that no matter where I am in the world, Boston, and it’s beer will always have my heart πŸ™‚

You know what else is great about Boston, other than it’s beer? It’s lack of earthquakes. Yesterday, after meetings all day in San Jose, 4 of us went to a coffee shop downtown and that is where we were when the world started shaking.

It was my first earthquake, so it was a big deal to me. It’s not such a big deal for a country very prone to earthquakes and natural disasters. It was strong (6.0), but it happened so quickly so I don’t totally remember what went down. Things started shaking/rumbling and at first it just felt like a subway going by (but then you think hmmm there aren’t any subways in Costa Rica) and then the rumbling gets stronger and stronger and glasses fall off the table and the building shakes and still it’s impossible to register what is going on. Someone suggested getting under the table, and then we realized all 4 of us would not fit under the table and the earth was shaking too much to walk to another table. As we were pondering this, the earth stopped shaking and everything went back to normal, just like that.

Experiencing something like this puts you in your place. You realized you are not invincible and that you really can’t control everything, so you should probably stop trying.

One more day in San Jose with friends, maybe a couple more Boston Lagers and if we’re lucky no more earthquakes πŸ™‚



One response

  1. Hey Megan, glad to know you are all okay after reading your posts about lightening and earthquakes. I’m a bit shaken (for you and Ross).

    We will miss you and Ross on Sunday as we get Brittany ready to head on her next adventure.

    Love to you both. Keep writing. Fun to hear about your adventures.

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