What to do when it’s summer everyday

The lack of seasons here is starting to really get to this New England girl.

Yes I know, many people back home are just dying for summer to start, and for the hot weather to come (you can send the hate mail directly to my gmail account). And many other people are used to not having seasons, or at least not the extreme seasons we have in New England. Maybe it’s difficult to understand why if you’ve never been in this situation, but I am totally lost.

Believe it or not it was FANTASTIC leaving Boston in January and walking into summer. I got to skip a freezing cold winter, a yucky damp spring and move right along into beach weather. Hello Paradise! The worst part was having to show up on the beach in my pasty white January skin (which is now super tan after several really bad sunburns). Yes, that part was great.

But now over 4 months later it is still summer, and there are no cooler, relieving days to remind you that fall is approaching, because it is not. Summer at home is just thinking about starting, and when it begins to fade in September/October to those beautiful days of fall, my never-ending summer here will still be going and going. This is a pretty intimidating thought, as I sit here dripping sweat on my laptop.

Another weird thing for us is that the school year started in February instead of September (and did I mention this school I teach in is made of cement and has no AC but does have windows that don’t shut that let the direct sunlight pour in). We are at the point 4 months in where most schools at home are having Christmas/New Years vacation, but since it’s May and super hot I feel almost like it’s the end of the year. Does this make sense? Probably not.

I know, I know, you’re all too excited to start summer to listen to me complain about this here. I’ll wait until you are experiencing an unbearably hot and humid 90+ degree day in August, then we’ll talk.


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