Lightening Crashes…

Early this afternoon I went home to grab Mango, and then brought him back to the school with me. Ross was finishing talking with someone there, so i figured it would be a good idea to take Mango to play in the plaza across the street from the school. There were some students out there and we were all having a good time until lightening struck right next to us! It happened so quickly I don’t even remember where exactly the lightening bolt was, but I could just see the flash and feel the heat of it and the vibration all around me, and it was sooo loud. I have never been afraid of thunderstorm/lightening storms before, but I think that has changed!

Then again, this was nothing like any storm I’ve been in. In fact, there was no storm at all (at the time, there certainly was after though). One minute we were playing, and I guess it was a little cloudy, although there was still sunshine in the horizon and no rain or wind or thunder. No warning. Then the next thing you know, BAM, huge bolt of lightening, and then the crazy storm started a few minutes after. The small time between the lightening bolt and the storm were really strange; the kids were all really scared and started running away (and if you know Costa Rican children you should no that it takes A LOT to frighten them. These kids in particular have grown up on the side of a very active volcano). Mango was whimpering and my heart was pounding.

Poor Mango is still recovering!

I then realized I was most definitely the tallest thing in the plaza (where is Ross when you need him?!?!), seeing that there are no trees and I’m bigger than all the kids and my puppy (though Mango has the bad fortune of being attached to me via leash at all times). So, Mango and I, we ran like hell for the 3 seconds it takes to run across the street from the plaza. Ross had come out when he heard the boom, but he didn’t get the full experience. We spent the rest of the afternoon taking shelter in our (tin roof) house, listening to the rain fall down and the thunder boom, eventually disappearing into the mountains behind us and wondering when we would get our power back.

Lightening bolts, earthquakes, tsunamis… never a dull moment here in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


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