It was a “crappy” day…

It was a crappy day at school. The student government at our school made a new committee called the committee of Costa Rican Amore y Paz, in other (English) words, it’s the Costa Rican committee of Love and Peace. It’s a great concept, with an unfortunate English acronym: CRAP

Another highlight of the day was when one of the new gringo students got on stage and rapped the Eminem lyrics to “I love the way you lie”.

Inappropriate? Probably. Luckily none of the other teachers or students understood the lyrics. If you don’t even know the word “crap” then Eminem is waay over your head.


One response

  1. I did not think anything that happened this year could so thoroughly top what happened last year, but Eminem does it. I thought third graders dancing to the Chipmunks version of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce was ridiculous.

    Was Rafa there?

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