Visitor Numero Uno: Mom

Back again after yet more travels to the coast. This time we did a repeat trip to Montezuma

but there was one big difference… we brought Mom!!!

My Mom’s visit was great, although a bit on the short side! We made the most of our few days though, from hostels in San Jose to mountainous cross-country bus rides, hot springs in Fortuna, waterfalls, happy hours, eating gallo pinto, sleeping with monkeys, hiking around volcanoes, doing yoga in the rain, etc.

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to say goodbye, I kind of freaked out, lol! It was so nice to have someone here from home, the USA, reality, whatever that is. and it made me feel like the next 7 months here are going to be long. I probably would have tried to get on the plane home with her if the Costa Rican government didn’t still have my passport, and my English is so poor now I’m not even certain I’d get through immigration with my Spanglish, even with my passport.

Up next: Ross’ Mom and brothers will be here June 29th for our 2 week vacation. We can’t wait! Now we just need more people to sign up for the other 5 months. Who’s in???


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