To Dunk or Not to Dunk?

Happy Friday! It’s that wonderful time of week again 🙂 The rain has gone this morning, and it is HOT and sunny again. It feels more like June, or like mid-day in the Sahara Desert with no water, but I digress.

I was inspired by a post written today by my wonderful friend and fellow bloggista Rachel Ski, aka “The Healthy Chick” I definitely recommend checking out her blog (which I read daily) at

In her post she discussed arts and crafts for grown-ups, and I realized I too have been very crafty lately (probably thanks to working in an Elementary School). Just yesterday I started a workout notebook project. You see, I have a million old magazines lying around: Health, Self, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, etc. Many of these magazines include great workout circuits, sprints and other routines and advice. I tend to read them once, think “OMG that is a great workout, I’ll do that at the gym next time” but when the time comes I forget it, and even forget which magazine I read it in!

For my workout notebook project, I am going through all the magazines and cutting out workouts I really like. I am then going to post them all in a notebook, and also include my own workout tips, or jot down other tips and advice I read in blogs and online or really anything that motivates me. This way, I can just flip through the notebook when I need a little motivation, much easier than going through 50 old magazines!

A work in progress:

While doing this project, I also started cutting out happy things, just things I liked, pictures, words, slogans that I am referring to as my “happy project”. I plan on making a notebook with these too, just to have for me 🙂

I know it may seem hard to fit arts and crafts into an adult life filled with responsibilities, but it’s certainly doable. Maybe invite friends over to make something together, or do it while watching your favorite TV show. It helps me clear my head while I’m drawing, painting, making up silly projects and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I’ve finished, either by making something in life more simple (the workout notebook) or more beautiful (the friendship bracelets!) or better yet, both!!

Now I have an important question. In Costa Rica bread, cookies, or some sort of treat are included with every cafecito (coffee break) and I have become addicted to dunking these little treats in my coffee. I know one of our most favorite and well-known coffee shops in Boston is Dunkin Donuts, but people rarely even get donuts there, never mind actually dunk them. Is dunking rude, or totally acceptable behavior?


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