Friday night in Fortuna

This is not just any Friday night here, it’s a very special Friday night because our companeras in Manuel Antonio are coming to visit for the weekend and observe our classes at school on Monday! Ross, Mango and I are definitely excited to have some friends here to show off our home.

Jess and Emily did a great job hosting us in Manuel Antonio a few weeks back, we had an incredible time on their beach, watching the sunsets and drinking unlimited guaro sours đŸ™‚

Chicas en la playa!

Their ETA is 8pm, so we will probably start with dinner and drinks at a restaurant downtown and discuss the weekend plans. Ross and I don’t go out around Fortuna too often since we are always gallivanting around other areas of Costa Rica. This will be a good excuse to go out and experience some new Fortuna hotspots instead of our usual trips to the photocopy store, the coffee shop and the vet.

Here are some of our “go to” spots in Fortuna so far:

Don Rufino: Great cocktails and Burgers (I’m sure the other food is great too, but out of our price range!)

Baldi Hot Springs:

The lounge at Hotel Fortuna: Where EVERY hour is happy hour, 2X1 drinks

Arenal Observatory Lodge:

Hopefully I’ll have some more recommendations after this weekend!


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