The Most Important Meal of the Day

One of my favorite breakfast spots in Costa Rica is a small restaurant attached to a hostel near the beach in Manuel Antonio called Costa Linda. Our two friends who live there introduced us to it, and we probably never would have found it without them. It’s a great place to fuel up before exploring Manuel Antonio National Park or a long day lounging on the beach in the sun. For 1800 CRC (roughly $3 USD) you get some great American favorites:

Unlimited coffee, fresh fruit, pancake

AND, wait for it, a whole Costa Rican typical breakfast as well:

While on the topic of incredible breakfasts, I want to mention that I recently had the sweetest breakfast treat delivered to me from straight from the US of A. My very talented friend Ashely was telling me about all of the wonderful, productive things she’s been up to since I’ve been gone: painting, gardening, drawing, cooking, etc (although I’m sure none of these productive hobbies truly replaces our time together in and around Boston bars, paying people to be our friends in Singapore, out at New York City raves at 4AM, avoiding cover charges and dangerous pool slides in the Hamptons or drunken pumpkin-carving)

When she mentioned that she had been making bagels, I somehow convinced her to make them for me, and send them along with Ross’ brother Will who came to visit with the rest of the family last week. Costa Rica has PLENTY of carbs, but no bagels in site. That is just a crime if you ask me. Her bagels were so yummy, and a much needed taste of home.

When she’s not busy making heart-shaped bagels, Ashley is being creative in other ways and you should check out her website Her most recent paintings of animals are incredible, and I’m hoping one day to get a job that pays again so I can commission her to do a painting of Mango.

Mango <3's Ashley's Bagels too


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  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Thank you so much for the tribute, Megan!! What a heartfelt post to read 😀 I’m so glad you liked them, and that picture is the cutest thing ever. I’d be more than happy to send you treats whenever someone else comes to visit you!

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