We’re half-way there….

and in the words of Bon Jovi, living on a prayer.

Half-way where? Through our time here volunteering in Costa Rica of course. July 6th officially marked our 6 month anniversary in the land of rice and beans. I must admit that at times, it’s overwhelming to think we are only half-way through, and other times I can’t believe we only have 6 months left here (or just under 6 months now).

Right now we are in the middle of our long “winter?” vacation. Ross and I are regrouping in Fortuna after an amazing two weeks of travel and fantastic visitors. I can’t even begin summing up the past few weeks’ experiences (and honestly, it would be blog overload for you to read) but to mention just a few things:

We made friends with sloths and monkeys in Manuel Antonio, Spent some time in good ol’ San Jose, had the best 3 visitors any volunteer could ask for, Jeep-boat-Jeeped, zip-lined over the treetops in Monteverde, hiked in a rainforest in a rainstorm, had breakfast under a Mango tree, had breakfast with our Mango in Fortuna, braved the waves in the Pacific Ocean, enjoyed cocktails by candlelight on Playa Montezuma, ate our weight in Pizza AND pinto, discovered that good beer in Costa Rica does exist


The Donovan family apparently DOES like Pina Coladas 🙂

Land Rover rides on the beach to our resort

Speaking of Costa Rican beaches, they’re alright…

We had such a great time, but we are also both EXHAUSTED. Taking a few days to rest and then maybe finish this vacation with a quick trip to Nicaragua (just because we can) or arranging to meet up with some WorldTeach friends if we can find any who aren’t in the U.S/Panama/Jail 🙂 Time to unpack our bags!


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