Farmers Market Fun

Yesterday Ross and I came to Atenas to crash one of our friend’s family vacation. Her Mom had rented a big house (McMansion, for real) and unfortunately last minute a few people had to cancel. So it was only our friend Leeann, her Mom, and her brother alone in this ginormous house on a high mountain in a town called Atenas. Ross and I decided we had to fix that and jumped on the bus in La Fortuna immediately.

Since I forgot my camera rushing out the door yesterday (darn it!), you’ll have to believe me that this is the most incredibly awesome house in the world. Or you could also check out pictures and information about it HERE.
but I must warn you, you are going to be jealous. Volunteers have no right even entering the gardener’s grounds here.

I had never heard of Atenas before, but it is certainly a little breath of fresh air in central Costa Rica. It got rated as having the best climate in the WORLD (this is according to a issue of National Geographic circa 1994, but still)

This morning we went to the weekly Farmer’s Market, it was AMAZING! So much fresh fruit and vegetables, and I could have hung out at the fresh spice and herb stand all day: fresh mint, rosemary, cilantro, honey, mmmm.

Again, I don’t have my camera (grrrr) but this is pretty much what we did: Atenas Farmer’s Market

We came back to the spacious, insanely well-equipped kitchen and each started making use of our fresh produce. Leeann whipped up some eggs with cheese, spinach and tomato. Ross made his famous Donovan homefries, Leeann’s mom chopped fresh pineapple, Howie went on a lime juice expedition and I concocted some guacamole with avocado (obviously) onion, jalapeno pepper, tomato, cilantro and a little yogurt. Unfortunately I kept the jalapeno seeds in the mix (are you not supposed to?) and it’s super spicy. I think some Papaya Margaritas will be perfect way to fix that!

I’m off to take a hot shower (they have 4 hot water showers in this house! That’s more than most villages in this country). Happy weekend 🙂


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