Bring it, Monday

After over 3 weeks of vacation, it was definitely a shock to have to go back to work again today. It was great to see the kids though, and the teaching part wasn’t too bad either. I’m currently teaching my 5th graders about Renewable Energy sources. They are Costa Rican 5th graders, so they obviously know more about this topic than I do. I guess Geothermal Energy IS a little more entertaining when you have a live volcano in the backyard of your school plaza.

No matter how good or bad your workday is, I think it can always help to have something fun to look forward to on Monday. There’s always Margarita Mondays (or Mojito Mondays or Manhattan Mondays, you can choose your own alcoholic alliteration), which are fun, but for me I like to start the work week off as fresh and healthy as possible (if it’s a vacation week everyday is treated like a Saturday, including Monday).

This Monday Ross and I are starting a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. The goal is to watch all of the Harry Potter movies from the start (downloaded on iTunes), and then head to the theaters to see the final.

I’ve been looking forward to the ice cream movie all day, and now that school and my gym workout are done I only have to take a cold *sigh* shower and then it’s time for Movie Monday and chocolate ice cream. Did I not mention the chocolate ice cream before?

Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month (and yesterday was National Ice Cream Day)????

Anyone else have any great Bring it, Monday ideas???


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