Hecho en Costa Rica

Today Ross and I attended our first Costa Rican baby shower. In true Costa Rican fashion, there were so many pregnant women there it took us almost half the party to figure out who the shower was for (this became evident when opening gifts).

The actual celebration is the same as at home. We started with cafecito: a ton of coffee and a platters of sweet breads and pastries. I’ve been trying to cut back on these and substituting the normal afternoon cafecito for herbal tea and some sort of protein/fruit combo. After indulging today I’m pretty sure I have a sugar hangover and gained 5 Lbs. How did I think it was okay to do this everyday???

One notable difference in the baby shower was in the attendance, by which I mean who was in attendance. I don’t know if this is always the case, but there were lots of men at the baby shower. Ross came, and so did many of the other male teachers and our director. Maybe it was because this was sort of a companero/coworker event, but all the of the guys there seemed to understand all of the baby shower games and protocol like they had done it before.

The presents were aplenty, and the ongoing game was that the guest of honor had to guess who gave her the present before opening it. She gets two guesses (just looking at the wrapping paper, no cards) and if she got it wrong the person who brought the gift got to write on her face in lipstick. By the end of gift opening the poor girl had a face covered in red marks and designs. Luckily, she received plenty of huggies wipes for presents, and they came into use early!

Apparently the person who’s gift is opened 7th is the next to get pregnant (kind of like the bouquet toss at a wedding). Guess whose present got picked seventh?!?! 😦 This of course was a huge deal amongst everyone at the party. They were all very excited and started rubbing my belly and saying that I would be able to say the baby was “Hecho en Costa Rica” (Made in Costa Rica). On our way out the door everyone (including our director) was wishing us good luck! Lol.

When we got home we told our host mother about, and she said that yes indeed it was muy cierto (very true). I hope not. I think this will probably be our last baby shower in Costa Rica. If not, next time I’m playing it safe and not bringing a gift! 🙂


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