It’s been a fun day (but a long day. I am way too tired to be typing right now.) Ross and I woke up to go for a 5-mile run. Mango opted to sleep in, hasta luego Mango!

Mango probably had the right idea. The run was awful for me! Note to self: Don’t eat meat and potatoes (in the form of picadillo, or any other form for that matter) before 10Am and expect to have a good 5+ mile run in the heat. Just don’t do it.

Anyway, we finished the run and rewarded ourselves with cold outdoor showers:

and a swim in our favorite pool:

Played the “where’s Mango” game (hint look for the blue leash):

Came home for lunch (more picadillo) and enjoyed some coffee. STARBUCKS coffee. That’s right. Starbucks! I just remembered today that Ross’ Mom brought us some Starbucks VIA packets when she came to visit. Entonces I had my first Starbucks coffee in over 6 months. I was obviously excited about this:

Today was a big celebration in our town for Santa Santiago. There was a Mass, and then lots of little children on caballitos (little horses)

And then of course, BINGO!!! What’s a community event without 2 hours of Bingo included:

After losing Bingo big time, Ross and I went out for a few of these:

Long, great day. Despite a sunburn and a few bug bites and my brain having to work overtime playing Bingo in Spanish, it may have been a perfect day in La Fortuna. Good night!!!


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