Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, you smell like a monkey…

Today is my sister’s 25th birthday!!! True story, when Alaina was little her nickname was ‘MonkeyFace’.

She had a busy year at 24 with graduating college:

Having a baby:

And starting her first ‘real’ job last week!!!

What’s up next for 25??? Lot’s of wedding planning I’m sure.

Yep, these two kids are getting hitched in 2012!

4 years ago I missed my sister’s 21st birthday because I was running a 24/hour relay race. That race was where I met Mr. Ross Donovan:

I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that I ran a 24/hour race or the fact that Ross and I are still together 4 years later. It definitely hasn’t been an easy year for us here volunteering in Costa Rica but I can honestly say at year 4 we’re still going pretty strong.

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY ALAINA!!! (my 3rd grade class tried to spell it out today)


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  1. Thanks for blogging about me! You have made your very far away birthday wishes so special! Thanks for being a great sister : ) xo

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