No hijos para Mango :(

Today was a very sad day for our little Mango.

We took him to the vet in La Fortuna to get neutered this afternoon 😦 I know that the health benefits are so good for him in the long run and for the pet population in general, but man, it’s such a hard thing to do to a happy little puppy!

I was adamant about getting this procedure done since we got him, Ross not so much (boys will be boys). Once we got to the vet today though, I almost had a change of heart. For one thing, Costa Rican vets are nothing like the ones at home. They had a table behind the counter that serves as an operating table and it’s probably the same table they have their afternoon cafecito at. They gave Mango the anesthesia while Ross was still holding him, and almost immediately he vomited. Not a great start.

The vet took Mango on the table, and we left to get an iced coffee, I cried a little, and then the vet called us back in (about 25 minutes later). It was all over, and Mango was in a little crate. He was still all drugged up, but started wagging his tail a little when he heard our voices.

The procedure apparently went just fine, the vet said his balls were so small it was really easy, lol. Everything looks okay so far, just a couple of stitches. He is totally out of it and sleeping now (Ross too, sympathy pain?) so we’ll see how he feels when he wakes up! He wasn’t able to eat for 24 hours before the surgery, so I’m hoping he can stomach something tonight, if only a little rice.

Any tips/advice on making Mango better faster would be much appreciated!

Do you think he will sleep like this again once he’s recovered?

I hope so.


4 responses

  1. Bentley did well with this and does sleep like that. I remember taking the before and after shots. The biggest thing is to make sure he doesnt lick his stiches. It takes 24 hrs for the anesthesia to get out of his body but he should be back to himself after that…..Cute Puppy =)

  2. AWWW! I’m so glad he came through okay! Don’t you mean hijas? I mean … not that there’s anything wrong with that … I will love Mango no matter what his preference.

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