Fast food, Slow nights.

Have I mentioned before that our gym in Fortuna is right above a Burger King? Ross and I held strong for the past 6 months, but today we finally gave in and ate Burger King for the first time in Costa Rica. And it was wonderful.

I felt a little guilty walking in there still in my sweaty gym cloths, holding a water bottle and towel. Once we were in though, everything changed. This Burger King is one of the nicest places I have been to here. I mean, what it’s lacking in uniqueness and healthfulness is more than made up for in Air Conditioning (the only place around that has AC, not even my gym has AC), flatscreen TVs and WiFi. Yes, the king knows how to keep us North Americans happy (fat, but happy).

I decided not to go overboard and got a BK Jr. quesoburgeusa meal. It was the perfect amount of food for me, though they didn’t include the promised toy, which I thought was a bit presumptuous of them. Ross went all out with the Whopper combo. We shared a apple pie for dessert, it tasted like all things good in the world. It’s funny, Ross and I never eat fast food at home, but somehow this tasted so much like home. I guess we’re Americans after all, we grew up on the stuff.

I hope to god we don’t don’t think we will make a habit of hopping into Burger King after our daily workout sessions, but I really enjoyed it today.

It’s Friday night, and our Burger King lunch excursion is probably the most excitement we’ll be getting. I really feel how slow things are here on weekends when we are not traveling. My weekends at home were always so busy, filled with friends and food and bars and yoga classes and parties and quite the social scene if I may say so myself. Here, we are about a 5+ hour bus ride, at least, away from San Jose and most of our friends. There really isn’t too much to do at night here on a regular basis. So, We are currently sitting at the dining table, I am blogging and Ross is grading exams. Our host mom will be making dinner in a little bit and we’ll probably go to bed early.

I would probably go crazy if I knew this was a forever thing, but since there is only about 5 months left of it I’m trying to enjoy being a little more tranquila than normal. Oh, and there is a recovering little puppy who will be getting PLENTY of cuddles this Friday night.

What are your big weekend plans- let me live vicariously through you 🙂


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