Puppy Update

Mango’s recovery is going really well, thank you to everyone who offered advice!

I know neutering is normally no big deal, but it’s just so different here when it comes to pets. The surgery is definitely not popular (the stray dog population is proof of this). In fact, most people only get dogs as ‘pets’ here as a form of protection. They abuse them and only teach them to be violent. The stray dogs also get abused, but most of the time seem better off than the ones that are ‘pets’. It’s one of those things that is so hard to swallow, but no one said immersing yourself in another country is supposed to be easy. I do my best by showing my students via Mango what a responsible pet owner should be like, and even the students who often throw rocks at dogs now play with Mango. If you come visit you will notice everyone in town constantly asks “y Mango?” if Ross and I are out and about without him.

The past few days were stressful for me because even though I knew the chance of something going wrong was very slim, it was still a possibility. They didn’t give us a cone for him to wear (just said don’t let him lick himself/irritate the area- much easier said than done!) They didn’t give us painkillers or any advice on what to do if he was in pain. And it’s not like there is a 24 hour vet available, the one vet in town is open 9-5 Monday through Friday, with no on-call business.

He still has his stitches in until Thursday, but so far everything is going really good. Unfortunately Mango takes after his mom (me) and is a little high strung. The second the anesthesia wore off he started jumping, playing, humping (?) eating everything, and it’s been a struggle to keep him calm and relaxing! I guess I’d rather have that than a sick sad/puppy.

And good news, he still sleeps all cute on his back (notice only two tiny stitches)

Also, I think Ross took all this harder than Mango did, but he’s doing fine too.



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