Real Dogs Wear Pink

SOMEBODY is getting a little too big for his britches. Or should I say halters. We have been in denial that Mango keeps getting bigger (he is now over 10 pounds!), but it couldn’t be ignored when we could barely get the halter over his head. It took a team effort to get it off, with us pulling and Mango resisting with all of his might. Mango’s been rocking the blue style his whole life, but the vet was out of blue in the next size up (size 4!). There aren’t a whole lot of dog fashion options here, just FYI for those people who like to accessorize their dogs- you’ve been warned.

Ross says he looks like a bumble bee in his new halter.

It was either the yellow or pink though, and while I think Mango is totally manly enough to pull off the pink, Ross disagreed.

I also noticed from these pictures Mango is growing too big for my backpack. He has always loved to sleep on it and use it for a chair. It doesn’t look quite as comfortable as it did when he was just a teeny tiny guy. It actually looks pretty awkward.

I am very excited for tonight; Ross and I have plans to meet up with a former La Fortuna WorldTeach volunteer who is in town visiting. I can’t wait to meet her, and anticipate a lot of fun and chisme. We will also be attending our very first La Fortuna house party, but we’ll have to be good, we have an 8 mile run planned out for tomorrow morning…


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