My Weekend: Lots of (s)Miles!

Yesterday (Sunday) went by in a blur. Our host sister Lourdes had a baby girl! Her name is Ariana and we can’t wait to meet her today.

Lourdes on the left:

That makes senior Aytan a big brother:

Ross and I celebrated by going for our first 8 mile run here. It was incredible! We found a dirt road that goes through a few very small towns, and then just turns into hills and cows and ends at the Arenal River about 4 miles out. The terrain wasn’t the best at times with lots of loose rocks and I was almost certain that I was going to get attacked by a stray dog/bitten by a pit viper/sprain my ankle in the middle of nowhere, as beautiful as that nowhere might be. I love being able to run away from cars and people, but there is something about being too remote that makes my brain start to think up worst-case scenarios, usually resulting in immediate death. Luckily Ross is always there to protect me, and he does a great job throwing himself between me and the scary stray dogs. However, I think if we do encounter a pit viper I’m probably on my own.

But seriously, 8 miles, I’m so proud of us! It’s been way too long. We came home after and did the usual weekend chores: laundry, clean room, make breakfast, clean kitchen. Then we went and had some fun with Katie in Fortuna.

Katie is a volunteer who taught at our school last year. She came for vacation and to visit her host family, and luckily she got in touch with us too. Getting to know her over this past weekend was fantastic. She has one of the biggest personality’s I have ever met, and is also one of the most honest and fun people too. We shared stories about the good, the bad and the ugly around here and it was refreshing to get perspective from someone who has done this and lived to tell about it. I wish she could just stay here with us for the next 4 months or so, but she left yesterday for Montezuma.

Adios Katie! Keep in touch 🙂

We are also very thankful that she introduced us to the Gecko Gourmet, a great restaurant in town we hadn’t discovered yet. I didn’t try the food since we just had a big breakfast, but I did have the iced minty mocha (much needed after a that 8 mile run). I think the iced minty mocha may be all your really need for sustenance anyway:

After the long run, lots of chores, a 2 mile walk with Mango and fun with friends I barely made it through one inning of the Red Sox game in Spanish before passing out and falling asleep before dinner. Now somehow it’s Monday morning and I’m starving and headed to teach a third grade class. I think this will take more energy than the yesterday’s run did.

Have a great day 🙂


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