Barely making it over that hump…

At least the school lunch was good today, because there really isn’t too much else going for this day. Ross and I eat lunch at school in the cafeteria everyday we teach, and some days it’s just okay, but today is arroz con pollo day. That’s the equivalent of pizza day at home. It’s kind of a big deal.

Other than that awesome news, I’m in a pretty terrible mood. The weather has been unbearably hot in La Fortuna the past few days, which has made sleeping impossible. It doesn’t help that our fan seems to be on it’s last legs. Oh, and my computer is crapping out too. I think all the electronics are just melting, and I can’t blame them.

I think what is really needed is a little change of scenery and a whole lot of fun. Tomorrow we are going on a field trip with he 6th grade class to visit an indigenous village, so that will be a nice break from yelling at first graders teaching. We also plan to go out for a few drinks with some of the other teachers to celebrate a birthday, and then our plan Friday is to head to a playa, any playa, to get some much needed heat relief from the Ocean (Atlantic or Pacific is not determined yet) and spend some time with Gringo friends, who can probably totally relate to this blog post right now, arroz con pollo and all.

So, just gotta get over this hump (day).

Here are some pictures from our field day yesterday. I mean it’s 10 million degrees, so obviously the best idea is to run around in the sun all day instead of actually having classes. PURA VIDA!

Poor Mango


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