Luna de Miel

This is one of my favorite Spanish words (or phrases, since it’s actually three separate words?) It is the direct translation of the English ‘Honeymoon’ Luna = Moon, Miel = Honey.

I just think it sounds really pretty. Another one of my favorites is quequito; cupcake or little cake (the word for cake is queque). Maybe I just really like cake….

Speaking of quequitos (Que riquisimo!)Costa Ricans have a tendency to add a little Tica, Tico, Ita, to the end to the end of many words. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary, because it will quadruple the amount of adjectives you know. For example:

“Ella es mi hermanita” (she is my *cute* little baby sister. Hermana = Sister)

“Usted esta gordita” (You are a little fat, in a *cute way*. Fat = Gordo/a. I put this in the feminine form because my host mom tells me this sometimes, I think it’s a compliment here?)

“Su gatito es muy chiquitico” (this is a two-fer! your kitten is very little and *cute*.)

I inserted the cuteness in there, because I don’t know if Ticos really mean it, but I can’t hear a word like quequito or chiquitico and not think cuteness (and giggle a little)

And then of course, there’s Mangito el perrito!


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