Travel Hangover

You probably know the feeling, it’s more like you’ve been hit by a bus instead of just riding in one for 10 hours. While I love how cheap and easy the buses make getting around the country, or Latin America in general, I am seriously starting to hate the bus. Just seeing one drive past me makes me start to feel nauseous and I get an inexplicable urge to pee really, really bad.

Buses are just part of life in Costa Rica. Although I did once ride on an ex-prison bus from Boston, Massachusetts to Cleveland, Ohio and back, but that’s a whole different story…

It’s been two whole days since our ride from Puerto Viejo back to La Fortuna, and I’m still not back to normal. I can hardly partake in my first grade classes performance of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’- thanks Raffi.

I think part of this may be my diet while traveling. I start out with such good intentions, packing a water, yogurt and fruit and maybe some crackers to snack on. As soon as we hit that first pit stop though, I can’t resist the soda (bubbles help settle stomachs, right?) and I’ve eaten far too many random bus stop sandwiches, which are more mayo than chicken and more butter than bread. See

So I’m trying to treat this travel hangover by getting right back to the gym and getting the eating back on track (less mayo, more protein, that sort of thing). I’m also trying to think up ways to avoid this feeling in the future, since bus travel cannot be avoided. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Yoga in the aisle of the bus
2. More deep breathing
3. Less reading
4. Take motion sickness pills before long rides
2. Give Ross my wallet so I can’t buy crap at the bus stops
3. Ross will give in too easily, so maybe give my wallet to a random stranger on the bus
4. Give the random stranger Ross’ wallet too, since I will make him buy things if I don’t have my wallet
5.When random stranger steals both our wallets and all our money we will be too broke to buy bad bus stop food AND any more bus tickets. Problem solved! No more yucky bus travel 🙂

If you have any better ideas or suggestions for avoiding bus travel hangovers, please let me know….


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