A is for Azucar

I think it is good for kids that A stands for Apple in the English language. It’s a healthy start to the alphabet. With all the fresh, available fruit available in Costa Rica year round you would think you would see more people eating it. Unfortunately, the primary food choice here seems to be anything involving lots of refined sugar. And while there are plenty of fresh fruit batidos around the most common drink of choice is Tang. While some of this may be due to finances, or lack thereof, I’m afraid that much of the time it’s just lack of knowledge that these things are SO SO BAD FOR YOU. For your health, for your mind, for your TEETH.

I’ve been trying to be really good about brushing, flossing and swishing more often than usual, but I’m afraid I’m not going to come out of this alive without having cavities and other fun dental problems. And that’s just after one year, imagine a lifetime?

One of the goals I had coming in here was to share my love of health and fitness in this country. This is much easier said than done in English than in Spanish. I would love to lead a yoga class or some sort of group for the students, but my Spanish just isn’t good enough and their attention span just isn’t there. There is still time left, maybe my Spanish will automatically improve overnight. I’m hoping to take a unit of class to dedicate to Nutrition, but that isn’t in my MEP (Ministry of Education) teachers handbook, and I’m not sure I can fit it in on top of all their educational already daunting educational requirements.

I have already taught my 1st graders to ‘Eat Healthy Foods’ as one of their everyday healthy habits. They can say it, but I’m not sure if they know what the verb ‘eat’ means, and they are convinced that all food = fruit. That would be fine with me, if only they would actually eat it.

In other news: I’m very excited because Mark, my old co-worker and current friend is back in Fortuna for the night which means we’re meeting up for drinks of course! This is his second time visiting us as he was here back in February. I mean, he has to be here for work, but he’s still putting all our other friends to shame with 2 visits in less than 1 year 🙂

Maybe all our other friends are just scared of the sugar. Or maybe it’s of the crocodiles? Yes, there are crocodiles here in addition to all the scary poisonous things. There are actually lots of them:


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