Good Friends and Great Bagels

Waaay back in February when our friend Mark was in town for work we met him at Hotel Fortuna and shared a few Pilsens.

He was here again last night, and apparently not much has changed in the past 7 months

It was great to hang out with him again. He and Alejandra had to take off early this morning for Monteverde for work stuff, it must be tough actually having a job 🙂

This morning Ross and I took advantage of having no classes by walking into Fortuna with Mango and going to breakfast at the Gecko Gourmet. I’ve been dying to try the food there since our last visit for coffee drinks, and it didn’t disappoint:

Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese, which had more veggies than either cream or cheese. LOVED IT.

Despite the look on is face, Ross really liked his breakfast sandwich too:

Much Better:

y Mango? Lol. Yeah he was there too:

A little post-breakfast frisbee anyone?


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