Sexism Alert

What is lacking in the genes of men that makes it so much more difficult for them to take care of small, living things? Maybe not all men. Maybe just one man, who happens to be my boyfriend?

Give him something broken to fix, and he’s all about it. Give him a little healthy puppy to watch for just 10 minutes and all chaos breaks loose.

Okay, chaos is a bit of an exaggeration, BUT in the 10 minutes I took to clean the bedroom and Ross had Mango in the living room today, Mango managed to chew up the faux Crocs of two year old Aytan. Since Aytan lives down the street and had walked over to our house in those shoes, I did damage control by running to the Super and buying the only pair of sandals they had that would fit a two year old.

I came back to the house, continued cleaning, and a few minutes later our host brother Steven came in the side entrance to our room with Mango, who he found wandering the streets of the neighborhood. Apparently while Ross was explaining the whole Croc catastrophe to the family, Mango escaped out the front door.

Oh well, boys will be boys.

Despite all the Croc excitement, It’s been a sleepy Sunday here. We woke up early and went for a 5 mile run with lots of hills, and I think that drained me of all of my energy. We also spent a lot of time the past few days working for the weekend ON the weekend prepping for our upcoming exams. Aside from a little cleaning, blogging and lots of eating (what can I say, that run left me famished), I have absolutely nothing planned except a relaxing evening and an early night.

Confession: In addition to the Happy List I think making “to do” lists are really fun. Sunday is a great time to write down a “to do” list for the week. I make one for teaching and work stuff, one for workouts and fitness stuff, and one just for miscellaneous stuff. To get me started I also like to write down a few things I’ve already done, just so I can cross them off and feel productive. You should also include some scheduled fun in there too (ex. Drinks with the girls on Thursday at 7pm) just because you deserve it!


5 Mile Run
Clean Bedroom
Lesson Plans for 3rd and 5th Grades
Write Blog Post
Relax completely


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